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I fist started with programming about 18-24 months ago. After about a week or two I said to myself, I'm a pro at this - I'm going to join a game jam.

And that's how I found One Hour Game Jam. This week's theme was "Everything Is Dangerous" and I wanted to make a game, where you had to avoid something from grabbing you -this is the final product.

Now that you've seen that monstrosity - you can play the new one. It's more of a spiritual successor - you'll come to find.


Use SPACE to move and when you come to a sign use the appropriate ARROW KEY to change your direction. Also, try to not get blown up.

Side Note

Of course I was lazy the whole weekend so I coded about 40% of the game in the last 4 hours. When you die or win you'll just be thrown to the menu.

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Published 145 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS


Windows 19 MB
Mac 22 MB

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